We would like to acquaint you with San Antonio’s newest classical music organization—The Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio (COSA)!  Our inaugural season begins in Fall 2012.

COSA is an innovative symphonic orchestra formed to augment the arts in San Antonio and surrounding townships.  COSA is a 501(c)(3) non-profit classical chamber orchestra whose mission is to cultivate classical music through education and the performance of rarely-experienced, as well as timeless, works.

The founders of COSA have spent their personal and professional lives almost exclusively in San Antonio and would like to increase the collaboration among the various cultural and arts groups, to accomplish the full flowering of the arts in our city and surrounding area.  COSA seeks to also support the complex educational and developmental needs of children and adults with special needs—a community often underserved culturally.  COSA, with its mobility, will perform for individuals with special needs and help them appreciate that classical music can be a vital and expansive part of their lives.

A part of COSA’s vision is to work with other arts organizations to provide a new and shared experience of classical music.  The flexibility of COSA (in terms of size, programming, talent, and reachable annual budgets) assures a wide range of classical music genres will provide increased access to the arts.

COSA believes, as the Rockefeller Panel Report says, “…that the arts are not for a privileged few but for the many, that their place is not on the periphery of society but at its center, that they are not just a form of recreation but are of central importance to our well-being and happiness.”  By being partners with this transformative organization, you will share in the opportunity to inspire the public through the fine arts and help edify the heart, mind, and spirit of the community.

We appreciate your support and thank you for your time.

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